The Artist

Hello, and thanks for being here!

About Me

I am a contemporary impressionistic artist living in Payson, Utah with my husband and children. I grew up in a rural town in northern Utah, where my love for simple things was born.  I have been doing some sort of an art project ever since I was a little girl… creating has never been far from my heart.  My focus now is on painting temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  In my work, I strive to reflect the beauty found in the earth and heavens.

My Style and Background

My style emanates joy and expresses the vibrant spirit of God’s beautiful creations. I have a deep love for many forms of art, but I am best known for my bold, textural oil paintings.  I love using a pallet knife, brushes and other tools to create rich, lively works of art! I studied art at Utah State University and Brigham Young University, Idaho.  As a member of the Inspirational Art Association, my work has been displayed at the Joseph Smith Memorial building.  I have been published in the Ensign magazine as well as at Deseret and Seagull Book.

Creating the Jewelry

I have also found a passion in creating temple jewelry.  Working with resin is so fun and challenging!  I really enjoy handcrafting these one-by-one and I strive to portray each tiny temple with so much love and attention to detail. The photos used in the temple jewelry are either my own, or used with permission from some of my temple photographer friends, which I then altered to match my own style and feel.  


I find inspiration all around me, in the beauty of the majestic temples and in the simple rural landscapes.  I love noticing the way the sunlight plays off the landscape.  When going for a drive, I will always be the one pointing out how breathtaking the clouds are, or how jaw-dropping the rain looks from a far away, pouring down as a big streak in the distant sky.   I am passionate about creating art and I hope that through my artwork, you can feel the same joy that I feel for these things.

A Special Thanks

Thank you for being here, I feel so honored to share a portion of my heart with you.  It truly means the world to me, feeling so much positivity for my work.  So from my heart to yours, thank you.